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Who we are

Tecvidya is a software factory that develops and selectively also invests in companies and technology products that hold innovation, scalability and proven business model. The company was founded at the end of 2012 following these same assumptions , acting at this point in five macro areas : Health, Communication, Video Platform, Entertainment and Fintechs .We evaluate projects in other segments aswell that meet the above mentioned premises.

Our current portfolio contains projects in different market sectors such as communication and corporate training, professional webtv solutions, social video , Health platforms and in the near future a fintech product. Our projects are present in more than 30 countries and the company has a team of experts who provide all the engineering , design, and strategy for new businesses and products.



A Meritum é uma plataforma de gestão e controle de programas de integridade composta por ferramentas avançadas que visam auxiliar gestores a coordenar em tempo real os principais processos necessários para um bom desempenho das empresas no enquadramento de leis e boas práticas relacionadas ao tema.


Do you have a
promising idea?

Here at Tecvidya we offer all the infrastructure for the development of your idea, as well as legal and strategic support. For this, we need that your idea follow our basic assumptions:

  • It is an innovative idea?

    It doen’st mean it has to be something that don’t exist. Often, innovation can be doing something that already exists but in a different way.

  • It is scalable?

    It is a project that has potential for growth;

Any promising idea ?